How to Keep Plastic out of your Bathroom

Common bathroom essentials usually come packaged in plastic. The majority of this packaging is intended to be used once and thrown away when your product is finished. This practice causes harm to our environment for several reasons. The key issues include that plastic: is energy intensive to manufacture (see my article on Hidden Energy);is often... Continue Reading →

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A Guide to Recycling

I love recycling. It is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment as it saves resources being thrown into landfill, and enables materials to be remade into something new. However, it is a minefield to navigate what can and can’t be recycled. I have spent countless hours researching this and I sincerely... Continue Reading →

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The Ultimate Sustainable Toilet Paper

When you walk down the toilet paper aisle at the supermarket, it is a gloomy site. Row upon row of plastic wrapped toilet paper. It is particularly disturbing now that there is currently no Australian soft plastic recycling program to responsibly dispose of the wrapping, following the collapse of Redcycle. Instead, the plastic wrapping will... Continue Reading →

Book and Podcast Recommendations

It’s been a while since my last post! I have been a busy bookworm, reading a variety of books on all thing’s climate change, as well as working my way through various podcasts on the drive to work. I have compiled a list of books and podcasts for adults and children interested in learning more... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Clothing

I have discovered many techniques to improve the sustainability of my clothing purchases over the past few years. Clothing and textiles are a massive contributor to environmental issues. According to the United Nations, the fashion industry generates ‘8-10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions’! [1] The fashion industry uses copious amounts of water, and many... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Holiday Solutions

My family recently enjoyed a road trip through regional NSW for a couple of weeks. It was a much-needed break to get away from the general craziness of work and home life. I now have a lot of tricks up my sleeve to reduce my impact on the planet when at home, however travelling adds... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Schools in Action: Bonython Primary School

Schools are an ideal environment in which to strive for sustainable practices. Schools use an abundance of resources, including water and energy. The hundreds of people that use the facilities generate large amounts of waste each week. By implementing sustainable solutions, schools can save money by using less resources and importantly, reduce the impacts of... Continue Reading →

Energy Saving Tips

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has set their final ‘Default Market Offer’(DMO) price for the 2022-2023 financial year, and it doesn’t look pretty. The AER’s role is to ensure secure, reliable and affordable energy for Australian’s. One of the ways in which they do this is to set a maximum electricity price for energy retailers... Continue Reading →

Zero Waste Festival

The Zero Waste Revolution recently held their Zero Waste Festival in Canberra. The theme of the event was ‘One Person, a World of Difference’. Upon hearing about the festival, I was excited to book a ticket. The theme aligns nicely with the concept of my blog, in that I strongly believe individual sustainability action makes... Continue Reading →

Eight Ways to Reuse Paper Shopping Bags

If you are like my family and have your groceries delivered, you are likely to have a mountainous pile of reusable shopping bags at home! We always request paper shopping bags to cut down on our plastic use, but the sheer number of paper bags that we acquire is a little scary from a sustainability... Continue Reading →

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