Book Review – Michael Recycle Meets Borat the Space Cat

Title: Michael Recycle Meets Borat the Space Cat

Author: Ellie Patterson

Illustrator: Alexandra Colombo

Age range: Pre-School – Primary School

Type: Picture Book – fiction

Michael Recycle Meets Borat the Space Cat has become a favorite in our household, and we have borrowed it on a few different occasions from our local library.

The book follows the tale of Michael Recycle’s encounter with Borat the Space Cat. Borat travelled to Earth to warn Michael of the Earth’s ticking time clock for environmental disaster. Borat recounts the story of his home planet, and how the resident’s overconsumption of the planet’s resources led to global warming. They saved their planet with help from ‘Space Vikings’ and now Borat and the Vikings have come to help save planet Earth. Together they work as a team to spread the message of fixing climate change to help save Earth.

The story is pleasing to read with rhyming paragraphs and fantastic illustrations which are vibrant and add to the story. The book imparts simple messages on the impacts of climate change in a comical and lighthearted manner. I love the environmental messaging as it creates discussion points on ways to look after our environment and provides entertainment with some laugh out loud scenes. I would highly recommend you source a copy from your library for some family reading fun!

Let me know if you have any climate change themed book recommendations for kids or adults in the comments below.

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