Podcast Review – Bottle Ship Adventures

Title: Bottle Ship Adventures

Written and Narrated By: Charly Conquest and Ben Mullins

Podcast Producer: Bedtime FM

Age Range: Pre-school – Primary School

Type: Fiction

Bottle Ship Adventures is a favourite Podcast story with my children. We listen to the stories multiple times each week. The fantasy tales in the podcast all have a waste reduction and up-cycling theme.

The story is set in a magical land where little creatures called ‘Jifflings’ live on a ship. Each episode tells a story about how the Jifflings discover an unwanted item that was thrown away from Earth and appears in the sea next to their ship. The Jifflings work together to repurpose the item to make it useful once more, thus imparting messaging of reducing waste, recycling and not automatically throwing things into landfill.

My kids are always captivated by the tales and it encourages discussion into how we can reduce our waste at home, and how we can reuse items around our house. The lively characters make my kids laugh and it teaches them about responsible consumption of resources. I highly recommend you give this a try!

You can listen to it here.

I would love to hear your recommendations for environmental themed Podcasts for kids and adults alike!  

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