Book and Podcast Recommendations

It’s been a while since my last post! I have been a busy bookworm, reading a variety of books on all thing’s climate change, as well as working my way through various podcasts on the drive to work. I have compiled a list of books and podcasts for adults and children interested in learning more... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Schools in Action: Bonython Primary School

Schools are an ideal environment in which to strive for sustainable practices. Schools use an abundance of resources, including water and energy. The hundreds of people that use the facilities generate large amounts of waste each week. By implementing sustainable solutions, schools can save money by using less resources and importantly, reduce the impacts of... Continue Reading →

Book Review – The Story of Climate Change

Title: The Story of Climate Change Authors: Catherine Barr and Steve Williams Illustrators: Amy Husband and Mike Love Age range: Pre-School – Primary School Type: Non-Fiction Picture Book We recently borrowed a copy of ‘The Story of Climate Change’ from our local library. It is safe to say that my four year old loves it,... Continue Reading →

Meat and the Environment

Before I kick-off this topic, I will say up front that I do eat meat and I am not trying to convince anyone to become a vegetarian! Rather I will discuss the impacts of meat production on the environment, and ways that we can all make our own ‘Local Impact’ while still enjoying meat, should... Continue Reading →

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