The Ultimate Sustainable Toilet Paper

When you walk down the toilet paper aisle at the supermarket, it is a gloomy site. Row upon row of plastic wrapped toilet paper. It is particularly disturbing now that there is currently no Australian soft plastic recycling program to responsibly dispose of the wrapping, following the collapse of Redcycle. Instead, the plastic wrapping will... Continue Reading →

How to Keep Plastic out of your Bathroom

Common bathroom essentials usually come packaged in plastic. The majority of this packaging is intended to be used once and thrown away when your product is finished. This practice causes harm to our environment for several reasons. The key issues include that plastic: is energy intensive to manufacture (see my article on Hidden Energy);is often... Continue Reading →

Hidden Energy

When I used to think about energy use, what came to mind was using energy directly in the forms of electricity, natural gas and oil (petrol). To reduce my energy consumption, I employed simple techniques such as turning down the heater, driving less and taking shorter showers. However, I knew that there was more to... Continue Reading →

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